Wanna create attention in Halloween Party! Fright not… Diva have solusi!!!

Yeah… We still have the Halloween fever going on and your entire friends are rushing madly tonight to Khatulistiwa Night club for evocative Halloween Party!

Subsequently… if We talking about the outfit! Yuuh, Diva dare to say that most of your friends probably had had bought the expensive vampire, mummies, sad oriental prostitutes, mak lampir, She’male of Jalan Bugis, Orang Minyak, zombies or kuntilanak costumes already as their tonight displays!

Ermmm… you can’t think about your outfit right!, Don’t be so sad… Diva can save your night by providing you with good list of Halloween costumes to brighten up your hours of darkness!

So… What you waiting for? Just come to my store… the ‘Malaise Sweat Shop‘; A typical Asian sweat-shop that will meet your fashionable urge to have every stylish and grandeur items for your big day – The Halloween Party!

Yes… as a Mak Hayam+Mama-pimp-san, harus Diva have a shop to market my niche products for the Malaysian dare-devil bourgeoisies and Capitalism fetishists. Besides that, having a shop is a benign way to upgrade myself as an independent she-women; as well as a steadfast mode of answering the ‘Seruan Kerajaan’ to became a pervert fervent ‘Bumiputra Entrepreneur’ of the 21 century.

So darling, since you surely want to emerge magnificently among the horrible sight of dreadful pompous attires, Diva present to you the top three wonderfully astonishing Halloween costumes for you!

1) UMNO Fanatic costume

Red and White with monotonous red zapin or red baju kurung… yeah, Mama-pimp-san knows you like it. As UMNO is currently having their annual convention in PWTC, abbreviation stand for ‘Pondan Want That Chuben’ or ‘Putra-UMNO Whack The Chinese’.

Therefore this is your must-have most excellently beyond belief costume to flaunt influentially in front of your friend to show your never-ending support toward UMNO aka United Manok (ayam) and Nonok (kote) Organization.

Keris or Malayanic Dagger, black songkok and tudung bawal are sold separately!

For Non Muslim Bumiputra, we delightfully have to inform you that traditional headgear endorsed by UMNO or Tengkolok Dusun from Sabah, The Land below the Greg Storm or other Tropical Hurricanes, also sold separately! Sorry yeah!!!

First 100 persons whom buy this unique costume will entitle to have free dinner with Hishmuddin Hussein, Our Miseducational Minister, at his palatial abode to learn the art of live dramatization of self humiliation in front of other races in Malaysia, plus Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and other Asean countries.

This costume is exclusively made for Malayan and Sabahan UMNO wannabe cheekies. Hence Chinese, Indian and other races especially DAYAK are not allowed to wear this costume to avoid be bash by Michael Backman on another of his sinisterly interpretation about Asian political analyzes discourse in The Age.

2) Ijok Extremist costume

One of our lovely Indian Mime, ready to serve to you!

One of my finest costumes directly tailored made in Ijok, Selangor. This costume was interblended of National Front T-shirt with black ‘cheapskate’ trouser. Thus formulate it as a must have costume for those whom disgusts KEADILAN and other non governmental political parties.

The vend of this costumes consisting a few empty Plastic Bottle of Mineral water, plank of woods with a few rusty nails still attached on its, the splendor Barisan Nasional Banners or Sepanduks, plus an Indian mime to upstage the hilarious stupidity for your friends’ amusement.

Anwar Ibrahim and ‘pengundi hantu’ or non-existent voter are sold separately.

3) Khairy Jamaluddin costume

Yes, another of my first-rated outfits that are diaphanously hand made in the Ox-bridge University. Although Diva do aware the non existent of that university, fright not, you still can have ‘as many as you want’ free spurious academic certificate, diploma, degree, master and PHD in Economic, Politic and Malayanisme studies.

Full mode foolhardiness is required as a condition to dress in this costume to bear a resemblance to the Khairy Jamaluddin’s nuisance politicking tactics.

Noni and Abdullah Badawi are sold separately!

For your total enjoyment, Diva also provide standardized Mat Rempit and Mat Gemilang driving on the modified contemptible motorcycle attire to come with this costume if you have a group of loyal dog slave from the lower class in the bourgeois rank stratum that craving to join and look stunningly in the Halloween party with you!

The End… for payment purposes, Diva only accept master card, Visa Card, Green Card, CIMB Card, Hong Leong Card, Business Card but not an UMNO Membership Card… Arigato gosaimas te!


Yeah! An astonishing Satire which was exhaustively wrote by me, Anouhea Audiya Yue. As a sole writer of this entry, I shall not bear any responsibilities on any complaints place against me by ‘kononnya Sensitive Malaysian’. Besides… I just write a true stoly, mah… I mean story hiding beneath the sardonic spoof, meh!

Penting – Sorry yeah, nols… my English Language is so kelang kabut! Diva dinch pandai Inggeris amatz!!! Tapi Diva peduli apa, iniew bukannya class bahasa pon.

Diva had to take more than 3 day to complete this shitz! Mak capek skalz ly!

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